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Detchler S. Thompson

March 29, 1992 ~ March 23, 2018 (age 25)

       Detchler Stanley Thompson was born on March 29th, 1992. He was born to Lainechie Dajuste and Delande Thompson. Detchler was the 3rd born out of five to his parents, he was the only boy, his nickname was “Fetch”. Although he was handicapped he lived a normal life, he was surrounded with people that loved him dearly, and attending school regularly just like every other kid. Detchler attended Millburn Regional Day School, he went to prom and         graduated in 2013. Detchler was a happy person all around, although he couldn’t                 communicate verbally he would smile often let you know that he feels your presence. He barely cried, the only time he would cry is when he was in pain or hungry because that was his form of communication. The best communication however was through his eyes, he could tell you so much just by looking at you. You could tell the love in his eyes just by the way he looked at you he just couldn’t tell you.


       Detchler  was a very strong boy he never got sick barely, everyone in the house was a little envious of him because when we are all sick he was just happy in his room as if he was       undefeated. Most would say the way he lived ia not a happy life and it’s no way to live, I   disagree because he already has his spot in heaven he lived a Pure Life, a bliss life, and most of all he didn’t have to endure the pain the disloyalty, and the cruelty of human beings. This is something we all pray and wish for and he got that. He was special and very different, but I wouldn’t want him any other way, he was perfect just the way he was. God did you guys a favor because if he would have walked and talked the competition would be scarce.


        Everything happens for a reason, the last month of Detchler’s life he was in the hospital and uncomfortable. The minute he came home he passed within the week in his home, you can still hear his loud voice. Even though he didn’t speak his voice was very deep and very         authoritative and he would communicate how he could to letus know that his presence is here, to let everyone knows that he’s the man of the house.


      Detchler passed March 23rd, 2018, 6 days prior to his birthday. His last meal with        chocolate milk which was his favorite it’s almost as if he chose how he wanted to go in his home drinking his favorite milk and comfortably around the people that love him. He leaves behind both of his parents Delande Thompson, Lainechie Dajuste, as well as his three loving sisters Guetchine, Tamara, and Sarah Thompson. He also left behind other siblings as well as family members that care for him dearly.


      Detchler will truly be missed. Some people may say that it’s creepy to say that you can still hear his voice in the house, but it is quite relaxing to know that his presence is still here,        spiritually of course. Although this is a sad devastating moment we can all agree that he is in a better place, although we were born to sin he never sinned a day in his life that’s why I know for sure that he is entering God’s Temple. As Christians we can only hope to be as pure as he was when he left this Earth to be with our creator. Until we meet again “Detch”. We love you and you will truly be missed period gone but never forgotten!


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